Charlie Banana® Return and Warranty Detailed Policy


Please send us an email explaining any problems you are experiencing at support@charliebanana.gr .

We’re here to assist you the best we can and it is a pleasure for us to find a solution.
We pride ourselves in making luxurious eco friendly products; your satisfaction is our number one priority.

The Charlie Banana team is confident in the manufacturing and quality of our products. Please follow our Care Instructions to ensure diapers are properly cared for on a daily basis.

Charlie Banana®’s one year warranty covers snaps, sewing or manufacturing defects, lamination or metal sizing technology. The warranty is only extended to the original purchaser of the products and a proof of purchase is required.

The elastic has a warranty of 180 days.

If the diapers have been washed or dried at higher temperature than 40 degrees Celsius /104 Fahrenheit the warranty will be instantly voided.

If you experience diaper issues within one year of purchase, please contact us at support@charliebanana.gr and fill out a Product Request Form. You must have a proof of purchase that clearly states the date in order to receive a diaper replacement. Receipt must be from an authorized dealer.

Once you submit your information, Charlie Banana will review your diaper and/or provide instructions for resolving any potential issues. Please allow four weeks for a replacement diaper.

Warranty does not cover the following:

  • When the Care Instructions are not followed
  • Staining or washing issues – see below
  • A detergent containing any of the following: enzymes, brighteners, bleaches, whiteners, dyes or natural colors, perfumes, essential oils or additive soaps.
  • Winc Design recommends an eco-friendly soap
  • Diaper rash cream which has ruined a diaper – these creams clog the inserts pores and will prevent absorption. Do not use Diaper Rash Creams without a liner or a disposable insert.
  • We do not replace any diapers not purchased through one of Charlie Banana®’s retailers, particularly if traded, bought through a third party, or bought as a used diaper.
  • We do not replace diapers that were won through a Facebook, magazine, or blog giveaways.

Charlie Banana is not held responsible for any staining of the diapers. The fleece and inserts may experience some staining due to different diets of babies/children and residues. We do suggest stripping your diapers and drying them in the sun for natural bleaching.  Non-Chlorine bleach can be used but not regular bleach.

Diapers should washed in cold or warm water to a maximum of 40C/104F. If diapers are washed in water hotter than the maximum temperature, the warranty is voided. Do not use bleach or fabric softeners – this will damage the lamination of the diaper and clog the pores, preventing absorption. Charlie Banana  is not held responsible, nor will we replace diapers that have been washed with bleach and/or fabric softener or that have been boiled.


We are located in Limassol Cyprus therefore email is the fastest way to reach us.
If you want to call us please dial 00357-22007780 and we will gladly assist you.
If you email us your full contact info we will gladly give you a call if you prefer.

We hope that you will enjoy your Charlie Banana® products for many years!